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Fresh air and "hygge" in the authentic nature

Welcome to Himmerland - a lovely oasis right between Aarhus and Aalborg.

Himmerland is all about coziness, relaxation, and wonderful experiences in the midst of impressive nature. Here, it's about winding down and spending time together. In Himmerland, you're only an hour's drive from the bigger cities, but far from overtourism and long queues.

Himmerland offers delightful outdoor experiences - hiking, in particular, is a great option. Try, for example, the certified PANORAMA-route, a trip through Rold Skov (forest), or maybe the urban Mariager-round hiking route. There are many beautiful natural spots to explore - also the impressive bog Lille Vildmose with mooses, red deer, bison, eagles, and many other wild animals.

Himmerland is also holiday by the water - for example, along the Kattegat coast and in Øster Hurup to the east. Here, you'll find authentic Danish summer vibes and charming holiday homes and beautiful campsites. Himmerland also provides authentic experiences in the lovely small towns filled with charm and idyll - both Mariager and Løgstør are worth a visit! Løgstør is the city of mussels, and an area with a great maritime environment. Mariager is the city of roses where history and culture are united.

And don't forget to visit the tiny island, Livø. Here, there's nothing but nature, tranquility, and a haunting history of an island used as a prison or correctional facility. Today, it's truly impressive - unic, quiet and peaceful nature. 

Himmerland holds a rich cultural heritage. Learn more about the Vikings when you visit UNESCO's World Heritage Sites at Himmerland's two ring fortresses; Fyrkat in Hobro and Aggersborg near Løgstør. Or visit REGAN Vest, the huge underground bunker complex deep in Rold Skov (forest). Mariager Saltcenter, the Veteran Railway, Verdenskortet, Limfjord Museum, Thingbaek Limestone Mine and Rebildcentret, and the tour boat "Svanen" are some of the experiences that brings joy for everyone.

Dive into Himmerland - and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for further inquiries - both big and small. We will do our best to make Himmerland a part of your program.

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It is all about the nature

Towns and locations in Himmerland

We don't have any big cities, but we do have a lot of nature, coastlines, and authentic towns with charming histories and helpful locals.

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