Parferie i Himmerland
Tosomhed med udsigt til nordlyset

Holiday for two in Himmerland

Pampering, peacefulness, and being together

Himmerland is actually quite special… Here, you can really slow down, and get away from everyday stress, and hurry. In Himmerland, there is time for each other and time to be present.

Do you need to go on a romantic getaway, a weekend stay for two, a break from everyday life - then visit magical Himmerland! Here, you can expect peace and quietness, pampering, and find time to be together with the people you love.

Find the perfect accommodation for two

Do you want something extraordinary - then the settings need to be in place. We will therefore recommend you to pick a hotel or an inn, where you will find peacefulness and time to just be present. At the same time, the location must be a good starting point for good experiences.

More wonderful opportunities for a getaway for two…

If you are not into staying at a hotel, but rather want a holiday home or a cozy Bed & Breakfast, there are also plenty of opportunities for this in Himmerland.

Holiday for two in Himmerland

is being present at the moment, but how do you achieve that? Here, you will find our recommendations for lovely activities for two, where you will find time for each other and a possibility to be present at the moment and get lovely memories home.

Cozy dining for two

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