Livø, Limfjordens perle
Livø - en tid i øjeblikket

Livø - known as the pearl of the Limfjord

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If you are not into big cities, big shopping streets and spending your time in long queues to visit an attraction - but on the other hand wants to enjoy nature without any noise and smoke from the cars - then pack your bags and go to Livø.

Livø is so small, that you will not find cars here - maybe a modest tractor, but that is it - here you will find peace and quietness!

In order to get to Livø, you can take your own car to Rønbjerg Harbour - but then you will have to leave your car - as you will need to take the ferry to get to Livø. If you are having your own boat, you can of course also visit the island by boat or by using a kayak - regardless of this, Livø has a small harbour to greet you.

If you are going to spend the night at Livø, you can stay in your own boat or at Livø Holiday Centre, which both offers holiday homes and a campsite for tents. The Holiday Centre is run by a couple, that will greet you at arrival. The same couple is also running Livø Café and Livø Inn, where you can taste food made by locally produced goods from the island. Even the only farm on the island is providing the  inn with local goods - which all of course are organic.

Livø contains a fascinating  history - so if you want to know more about Livø, you can read it’s history underneath.

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