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Hiking in Himmerland

Photo:Nicolas Cho Meier&Daniel Villadsen
Inspiration for a hike in the nature of Himmerland

Himmerland cannot be compared to the Camino or to hiking in the alps, but to be honest - why travel so far to hike? Short tracks in Himmerland are also very nice… Here, you will have big experiences in a small destination. 

Himmerland is heavenly! Come and explore a piece of nature in Himmerland. Here, you will find small hills, Danish fjords, old river valleys, almost white beaches and moors full of heather. We believe that Himmerland is quite nice. Beautiful actually…

But leave the camera at home - your friends will not believe that it is Denmark anyway.

Great nature experiences

The landscape of Himmerland offers lots of short and lovely hiking routes - but even though the hiking route is short, the experience you will get is big! Get inspired for your next hiking route, here.

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