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Fyrkat ringborg

Himmerland's Ring Fortresses

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- listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List

Denmark's Vikings - a part of the World Heritage List

The five Danish ring fortresses, Aggersborg, Fyrkat, Nonnebakken, Trelleborg, and Borgring, were included on UNESCO's prestigious World Heritage List on September 17, 2023.

In Himmerland, we have not one but two ring fortresses. Aggersborg, located in northwestern Himmerland, is actually the first and largest ring fortress in Denmark. The other is Fyrkat, situated near Hobro, where various activities take place during the summer, along with a fully reconstructed village where you can experience "living" Vikings working in workshops and living as they did a thousand years ago. At Aggersborg, you can meet the communicators from Vesthimmerlands Museum every summer and learn more about the fascinating history of the site, witness the impressive Viking craftsman gathering in August, and, not least, join the digital StoryHunt or experience the fortress rising in the landscape with the 'Aggersborg' app.

Come to Himmerland and visit the ring fortresses to experience Viking Age culture up close.

In Himmerland, there are ample opportunities to explore the history of the Vikings. If you want to experience the impressive Viking Age, you can visit Himmerland's two ring fortresses at Aggersborg and Fyrkat. Aggersborg is the oldest and largest of Denmark's 5 ring fortresses. Both Aggersborg and Fyrkat ring fortresses are strategically located, one by Limfjorden and the other by Mariager Fjord. From here, the Vikings could conduct their trade via their most important arteries of transportation and livelihood - the fjords.

Both ring fortresses are now marked by a surrounding earthen rampart, within which the original longhouses are indicated by stones. Fyrkat consisted of 16 houses, and Aggersborg had 48. Outside the rampart at Fyrkat, you can see a reconstructed longhouse.

At the Viking Museum Fyrkat near Hobro, you can meet Vikings throughout the summer months, taking you back to the time when King Harald Bluetooth and his Vikings ruled and roamed Scandinavia. Experience the Vikings competing and engaging in their daily activities. You can witness the Vikings fight and train, as well as see them perform everyday tasks like watching the blacksmith hammer and cast, the women dye textiles, taste Viking food, try your hand at archery, and much more.


Guided Tour

Get up close to Harald Bluetooth and the Viking Age with a guided tour at Aggersborg or Fyrkat. Discover what a ring fortress is and gain insight into the lives of the people who lived here. Hear the fascinating stories about Harald Bluetooth, kings, and the Viking Age and feel the breath of history.

The tour at Fyrkat ring fortress is conducted in Danish and takes place every open day at 11 AM and 2 PM.

The tour at Aggersborg ring fortress is conducted in Danish or English. Tickets can be booked here.

Much more Viking...

In Denmark, a total of 5 ring fortresses have been discovered, and they are all in the running for a prestigious spot on the World Heritage List. If this becomes a reality, it will be celebrated at all five locations in Denmark. The decision will be made during September 2023.

In addition to Fyrkat and Aggersborg, there are also Nonnebakken, Borgring, and Trelleborg.

They all contribute to the same narrative about King Harald Bluetooth's ambitions to secure power and fortify the ring forts in response to pressure from the Holy Roman Emperor Otto II and other external threats.

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