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We can't guarantee that the sun will always shine on your holiday. But whether you are into fun family activities, glamping and luxury or a holiday in a tent with not much aquipment, you can find it all in Himmerland. 

Water, beaches and cozy villages are all nearby when you go camping in Himmerland. On one of our 15 amazing camping sites where none are alike, you can find the camping holiday of your dreams. 

Camping in Himmerland is coziness at its best. 

Camping sites in Himmerland

Motorhomes and uniqe accommodations

In Himmerland, there are many lovely motorhome sites - most of them near the area's marinas, but many campsites actually have special spots for motorhomes.

And if you're looking for something a bit different in terms of accommodation, there are plenty of options available in Himmerland.

Much more camping...

Are you more the type of shelters and motorhomes then you can find it all here. 

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