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The Panorama-Route in Mariagerfjord

A delightful 10 km hiking trail in the most beautiful scenery with a view of the impressive Mariager Fjord. The hiking trail is certified as Premium by the German Hiking Institute.

The hiking trail between Hobro and Bramslev Hills has become the first in Denmark to be certified as a Premium Hiking Route. The certification is provided by the German Wanderinstitut, which has established the most extensive - and strictest - quality system for hiking routes in Europe. Only the best routes have the opportunity to pass through this needle's eye.

In recent years, several hundred hiking routes in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, and the Netherlands have been certified. However, the German hiking specialists were still impressed by the 10 km long Mariager Fjord Panorama route. According to the German Wanderinstitut, it can easily compete with beautiful hiking routes in German mountain areas, giving the route 73 points in their system. This is well above average for Premium routes and almost 30 points more than required for approval.

The hiking route starts at Hobro Marina and is manageable for most hikers. Once you've tackled the stairs at the beginning of the route, you can catch your breath on the way to Bramslev Hills. Along the way, there are benches where you can enjoy the landscape and the views of the fjord. In Bramslev, there are good dining options both at Hotel and Restaurant Bramslevgaard and Restaurant Bramslev Bakker, if you want to treat yourself. While the outward journey mostly goes up in the heights, the return trip to Hobro mostly follows the fjord, allowing you to get up close to the water.

The walk takes about three hours. The route goes on a mixture of paths, grass tracks, and gravel roads. There is a brochure about the route, but there are also signs with information about the route at the parking lots at the marina and in the Bramslev Hills. Along the way, the route is marked with poles and white markings, so there is no room for error.

The route was established by the Municipality of Mariagerfjord and the Mariager Fjord Nature and Cultural Center. If you get a taste for more top-class hiking, the Nature Agency Himmerland and the Nature and Cultural Center Rold Skov have also certified a four km long route in the Rebild Hills, which also offers spectacular nature experiences.

Learn more about the two routes at mariagerfjordguiden.dk.


Mariager Fjord Panorama Route is the first hiking trail in Denmark certified by Europe's leading hiking experts at the Deutsches Wanderinstitut. The route received a high score of 73 points, showcasing its exceptional experiences and natural beauty, easily rivaling trails in German regions like the Harz and the Black Forest.


PANORAMA Route is just one of the many beautiful hiking trails in the Mariagerfjord area. Explore many more hiking routes here!


Please be mindful of the wildlife along the route

In order to preserve the natural surroundings, there are cattle and sheep in several areas along the stretch. It's important not to disturb these animals, so avoid approaching either the sheep or cattle. Some precautions to consider:

  • Never walk between a calf and a cow.
  • Never walk between a bull and its cows.
  • Walk in a wide arc around the grazing animals.
  • Never attempt to make contact with the animals - this can stress them, and remember, they are not pets, but ordinary livestock.


You can park in several places along the route, one of which is the large parking lot at the corner of Havnegade and Horsøvej in Hobro. See location on the map here!

It is not recommended to park at Hobro Marina or along Nedre Strandvej, as this may inconvenience residents and pose problems for emergency vehicles.

Panorama Route does not have a specific starting point, so you can also begin in the middle of the route, for example, at Hobro Golf or at Bramslev Hills.

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