Muslingebyen Løgstør
Muslingebyen Løgstør - Limfjordsmuseet

Løgstør, the city of mussels

Photo:Mette Johnson&Mette Johnson
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The city of mussels Løgstør, is not a place where you should care about taking selfies and overcrowded walking streets, where stress is an everyday thing. Instead, Løgstør is a place filled with a cozy and maritime atmosphere. Here, the pace is calm and gives you the possibility to enjoy the atmosphere. Take a deep breath, enjoy the fresh air and feel how calm you get.

The city of mussels Løgstør has a special vibe in the summer, as tones of jazz at Kanaljazz and musical contributions at the free Thursday and Friday events are filling the city with a cozy atmosphere. Come and join - but remember to experience the Mussel Harvest Party and the Mussel Festival, which both are yearly events at Løgstør Harbour.

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