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The Limfjord Museum

Between the Limfjord and Frederik VII's Canal lies the Limfjord Museum, where you can enjoy a multitude of experiences focused on the fjord from April to October.

In the old Canal Keeper's residence and in the Maritime Experience Center, there are exciting exhibitions about life in, around, and on the fjord. Experience, for example, the museum's large touch pool, where you can touch a flatfish and tickle a crab. In the canal by the museum, you can board a range of original Limfjord vessels, and you can visit the Historical Boat Building, where you can witness the restoration of the old vessels up close.


Guided tours

In July and August, Limfjordsmuseet welcomes you on board for guided boat tours on the museum's tour boat, Grevinde Danner. Here, Limfjordsmuseet's knowledgeable guides narrate the history of Frederik VII's Canal while you lean back and enjoy the surrounding nature. At the end of the canal, in Lendrup, there is a break where you can take a closer look at the Canal Keeper's Houses before the tour returns to Løgstør. If you wish to explore the canal on your own, you can borrow the museum's rowboats and row out on the canal. It's free when the admission fee is paid.

You can also experience the whispers of history in the company of Løgstør Market Town Watchmen's Guild on guided city walks in the old, historic part of Løgstør. With their historical costumes, watchmen's songs, and many stories about the city, the watchmen are a piece of history themselves.

Various guided bike tours are also offered. These can be historical tours or tours with Limfjordsmuseet's own schnapps distillery. Call the museum to inquire about the possibilities.


Experiences for young and old

Summer offers a wealth of activities for children and adults. You can try your luck with nets, crab sticks, and other fishing gear on your own, or you can join in when the nets are pulled in from the fjord. Also, try preparing and tasting your catch together with the museum's communicator. Or you can engage in fish dissection, snorkel safaris, and play on the museum's maritime playground. No two days are the same at Limfjordsmuseet.


Sailing museum objects

The museum has 11 historical sailing vessels - from the sjekte "Nørgaard P." from 1920 to the motor launch "Inga" from 1951 and the "Pennalhuset" Nora, which is a fishing cutter from 1937. The sailing museum ships are moored in front of the museum in Frederik VII's Canal, and on special occasions, you can go out and sail with them. Also, visit the museum's major restoration project "KIRSTINE," a yacht from 1887 that is being restored to its former glory using old craftsmanship techniques.


Limfjordsmuseet's Aquavit Distillery

Limfjordsmuseet's Aquavit Distillery provides a unique framework for an authentic and locally rooted story about food, schnapps, nature, and cultural heritage. The distillery aims to create and develop taste experiences with a focus on herbal schnapps and local food experiences. Limfjordsmuseet hosts the distillery, which is located in the back building at Limfjordsmuseet. The distillery is also a collaboration with De Danske Spritfabrikker (The Danish Distilleries). In the high season, it is possible to meet the distillery on selected days in the Back Building, otherwise foraging trips, boat trips, and lectures are arranged throughout the year, where you can both hear and taste the history.


From Fjord to table:

In the Experience Center, you will find the maritime restaurant "Kanalfogedens Køkken," which serves the best from the fjord and focuses on good North Jutlandic ingredients. So, a visit to the museum offers the opportunity to combine culture and gastronomy.

For more information about Limfjordsmuseet's activities and opening hours, visit: www.limfjordsmuseet.dk

For more information about Kanalfogedens Køkken, visit: www.kanalfogeden.dk


Green Travel by Bus and Train in Northern Jutland

It is easy to get around in Himmerland and the rest of Northern Jutland by public transport. Plan your journey by bus, train, and Plustur on rejseplanen.dk.

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