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Towns and locations in Himmerland

Photo:Nicolas Cho Meier&Mette Johnsen
Where are you going?

The towns in Himmerland are offering everything from maritime gems to historical villages and lovely small commercial towns. In the towns of Himmerland, you will experience that people are being present, a cosy atmosphere, and hospitality, which are welcoming you all year around. 

Every town has its charm and characteristics - but common for them all, it that you will experience that people are down-to-earth and friendly, as this is a part of the DNA of Himmerland. So, whether you are visiting a town near the coast in the east, a town near the Limfjord, or Mariager Fjord - or anywhere in between - you will meet the same level of hospitality.

In Himmerland, you are being welcomed by locals, who gladly are helping you with good advice and recommendations on what you should experience during your stay in Himmerland.

Welcome to the towns in Himmerland

Where are you going?

The towns in Himmerland are having different kinds of characteristics, which is why you will always be able to find what you need - at least almost everything.

Here, you can find an overview of the biggest and most visited towns in Himmerland. The towns are offering lots of different experiences - here, you will find something for those who are picky, for families with children, for couples who are into outdoor experiences, and definitely also something for you.

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