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HimmerLand is a resort with many facilities in beautiful nature located close to Sjørup lake in the middle of Vesthimmerland’s undulated landscape - only 45 minutes from Aalborg.

In HimmerLand, you can experience a complete range of activities that together meet the highest standards. Here, you'll find accommodations for romantics, families with children, friends on tour, companies, and true food lovers.


HimmerLand has a large spa department with luxurious spa treatments, areas and experiences. You can experience everything from cryotherapy to a large outdoor pool, sauna, snow machine, hot tubs and much more.

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When you arrive in HimmerLand, there is a wide range of culinary experiences to choose from.

At HimmerLand, our food is both ordinary and exclusive at the same time. It is up to you whether you want reward winning fine dining, well prepared 3-course dinner, classic a la carte, or delicious take away. In HimmerLand, you can do either.  

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At HimmerLand, there are 86 hotel rooms. All rooms are bright and spacious, with their own terrace or balcony and views of the scenic surroundings.

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At HimmerLand, there are flexible meeting and conference facilities in various sizes with space for up to 800 people. There is room for both large and small events in HimmerLand and all rooms are in a nice and modern style, with wifi and modern AV equipment.

If you are looking for a great way to have fun with your colleagues, HimmerLand offer a broad variety of teambuilding activities.

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In HimmerLand you can play golf on a total of three courses. Two 18-hole golf courses (Old Course and New Course) and one pay-&-play golf course with six holes, where both beginners and experienced players can be challenged. We have also covered the driving range with target greens and a short-game area.

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HimmerLand's wide range of activities is for beginners, professionals, and those in between. In HimmerLand you can be active all year round. Here you can experience fitness, bowling, golf simulator, tennis, mini golf, swimming pool, football and croquet. There are also good running routes, a sauna for winter bathing and the possibility to rent MTB bikes so you can experience the beautiful nature.

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HimmerLand’s history

When Lars Larsen took over the assets of HimmerLand in 2007, the resort quickly transformed from a golf course in Gatten into a resort with a focus on golf and spa. Since then, the resort has continued to evolve, and in 2014, it hosted the international golf tournament for the first time, initially known as 'Made in Denmark' and later renamed 'Made in HimmerLand.'

In 2020, plans for the expansion of HimmerLand, matching the resort's ambition to become a wholehearted resort with an international focus, were set in motion. HimmerLand aimed to offer more than just golf and spa experiences, which is why the Lars Larsen Group chose to invest further in the resort by adding padel courts, tennis facilities, a football field, and a multi-purpose hall.

Today, HimmerLand is owned by the Lars Larsen Group.


Svanemærket – the official Nordic ecolabel

In the autumn of 2021, HimmerLand made a goal that they will achieve a certification of the Swan Ecolabel. After a little over a year of reviewing resource consumption, suppliers, waste sorting, cleaning supplies etc. could HimmerLand officially call itself a Swan-labelled hotel at the beginning of 2023.

The Nordic Ecolabel is the official Nordic ecolabel and among the world's strictest environmental certifications.

The fact that HimmerLand is now Swan-labelled means, among other things. that there:

  • Energy and CO2-reducing measures are implemented to limit the climate impact.
  • Implement water-reducing measures.
  • Source sorting is done effectively to ensure the possibility of recycling materials and utilization of resources.
  • Work actively to prevent food waste.
  • Do not use disposable items in daily serving.
  • A high proportion of organic food and drink is served.
  • Use eco-labelled products for daily cleaning, dishwashing and textile washing to limit unwanted chemicals.
  • A number of eco-labelled products and services are used.
  • Employees are trained so that everyone is engaged in environmental work

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