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Fyrkat Ringborg UNESCO Herritage

Fyrkat Ringborg has become a part of UNESCO's World Heritage List - a validation that signifies this is an impressive narrative and certainly worthy of preservation.

Fyrkat Ringborg has been acknowledged on the World Heritage List, alongside Denmark's 4 other ring forts, including Aggersborg, which also lies in Himmerland.

Fyrkat Ringborg is a part of the Fyrkat Viking Museum, belonging to the North Jutland Museums.

Fyrkat Ringborg, an impressive Viking fortress situated in the beautiful landscape of Himmerland, has now been included in UNESCO's World Heritage List. This historical stronghold, dating back to the Viking Age when Harald Bluetooth reigned, represents a significant part of Denmark's cultural heritage and tells a captivating tale of past societies.

Fyrkat Ringborg was constructed in the 10th century and is renowned for its impressive architecture and strategic location. The circular shape of the fort and well-preserved earthworks testify to skilled construction and engineering prowess, characteristic of the Viking era.

On UNESCO's World Heritage List, Fyrkat Ringborg is acknowledged for its significance as a hub for the political and social life of Viking society. It served as a powerful royal fort and a place where decisions of consequence for the society were made.

UNESCO's recognition not only highlights Denmark's history but also focuses on the global significance of the Viking Age. It is an honour and a pleasure to see Fyrkat Ringborg included in UNESCO's World Heritage List, where it can inspire and educate future generations about our shared historical legacy.

Visitors today can experience the Fyrkat Ring Fortress and explore the remnants of the past, and further down Fyrkat Road at the Chieftain's Farm, you can see history come to life when from May to September and during the autumn break it's filled with Vikings demonstrating Viking life, crafts, combat, and much more.


Guided Tour - in Danish and English

Get up close to Harald Bluetooth and the Viking Age with a guided tour of the Fyrkat ring fortress. Discover what a ring fortress actually is and gain insight into the lives of the people who once lived here. Hear exciting stories about how the ring fortress was built and what has been learned about its significance so far.

The tour is conducted in Danish and takes place every open day at 11 AM and 2 PM. The tour lasts 30 minutes. Read more here

Rundvisningen foregår på dansk og finder sted alle åbningsdage kl. 11 og 14. Turen varer 30 minutter. Læs mere her.

During the period from July 8th to August 4th, there will also be a daily English tour at 12:30 PM. If you have an admission ticket, the tour is free – this applies to both the Danish and English tours.

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