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Kanogården B&B

At Skals Å, in the heart of Himmerland, you can stay at Kanogården. Here, you'll find beautiful nature and all the necessary facilities for a delightful holiday.

Kanogården - right down to Skals Å

Kanogården is the little gem of Mariagerfjord Kajak, where you have the opportunity to go on a real canoe and kayak holiday!

Kanogården is beautifully situated right by Skals Å, where from the boat dock, safely and easily, you can hop into the kayak or canoe and paddle out onto the beautiful stream.

At Kanogården, there are accommodation options for up to 18 people. Here you'll find kitchen facilities, toilet/bath, grill hut, and the place is ideal for family trips, company outings, or school camps.

Throughout the year, there are also several events at Kanogården - keep an eye on these on Mariagerfjord Kajak's Facebook page.


Kanogården even has fishing rights on the grounds where Skals Å runs through.

You can rent a dinghy, fishing kayak, kayak, or canoe from Mariagerfjord Kajak, located 10-15 minutes' drive from Kanogården.

For further information, see Mariagerfjord Kajak or contact Carsten Nørgård at phone number 3042 3763.



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