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Ertebølle Hoved

Experience the nature and the view from Ertebølle Hoved, which rises 20 meters above the sea.

The stone age’s last hunters and collectors lived in the nature area near the Limfjord’s cliffs. Today, Ertebølle is a small village, but the name Ertebølle is known because the village was involved in an exciting period in Denmark’s history – the Ertebølle culture.

On the flat land, which is old seabed 1 km south of the cliff, lies Ertebølle midden. In the 1890s, the national museum excavated a huge pile of oysters and mussel shells on the spot and discovered that it was man-made, and that people had literally lived on top of the spot.

Ertebølle Head is a 28 meters high cliff, which lies south of Ertebølle. The cliff is 500 meters long and contains folded layers of moler with volcanic layers of ashes from the tertiary period.

If you want to look for fossils, there are plenty of options for doing so at a walk along the coast.

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