Metoder, udstyr og grej til lystfiskeri

Tricks, tools and equipment for fishing

Photo: Kasper Wittrup

Fishing in Mariager Fjord do not require a lot, when it comes to fishing equipment and tools. But good equipment and the right outfit is non the less an important element for great fishing.

Lystfiskerens fluer - Seatrout Mariagerfjord

Photo:Kasper Wittrup


The majority of anglers at Mariager Fjord are fly fishing. In this type of fishing, you use flies to imitates the nourishment that can be found in the fjord. This could be e.g. sandhoppers, shrimp, sticklebacks, gobies and worms. 

You can fly fish - with either traditional fly fishing equipment, or with a regular fishing rod, where you mount the fly after a bombarda- eller bubble float. 

Among danish anglers, the best known flies are e.g. ”Dare Devil”, ”Mullefluen”, ”Grå Frede”, ”Juletræet” and ”Polar Magnus” etc. and if you are a fly fisher, you might already have your own favorit fly. Fly fishing is very effective for catching trout and garfish and can also be used to catch a mullet.

Blink og wobler - Seatrout Mariagerfjord

Photo:Seatrout Mariagerfjord

Lures og woblers

Over the years lure and wobbler fishing has defined itself as a very popular and effective method of fishing. Lures and wobblers look like small fish but may also resemble worms or shrimp. 

Lures and wobblers come in a variety of sizes but we recommend using smaller sizes preferably in the 8 – 15 gram range. This makes their action extremely vivid and energetic. When you reel the line in it should be in an even pace. Some anglers choose to reel in with little breaks, while others prefer an even pace without breaks. 

The colors of lures and wobblers should depend on the season. When fishing in colder water clearer colors should be used and during the summer season a silvery/black lure will be the most effective choice. Among the classics Danish lures and wobblers “Møresilda”, “Stripper”, “Boss”, “Vims” and ”Gladsax” deserve mention.

Lures and wobblers are effective for catching trout and garfish. If you are determined to catch garfish, it would be wise to move the triple hook a couple of centimeters with a regular nylon line. This minimizes the number of fish you lose after they take the bait. Another option is to fish with a silk hook, which as the name implies, is a piece of silk string that gets stuck between the teeth of the garfish. The disadvantage of this method is that the trout may not stay on the hook.

Naturlig agn - Seatrout Mariagerfjord

Photo:Seatrout Mariagerfjord

Natural bait

Worms and small fjord shrimp with a bombarda or bubble flat, which is slowly reeled in, can be a very effective way to catch fjord-trout. Both trout and garfish take this bait and if you want to catch a lot of garfish then use pieces of herring as bait instead. In spring, using herring as bait, and fishing at Havnø, you’ll catch plenty of garfish. That’s our ironclad guarantee!

Worms can also be used for a bottom-line. By fishing with bottom line, chances are you’ll catch trout. Using a bottom line also attracts flounder, but mostly in the outer part of the fjord close to the navigation channel. Worm on a bottom line is also the best way to catch eel.

If you want to catch mullet, the most effective bait is actually a piece of white bread which is molded into a small dough ball around the hook.

Other equipment

Other than the obligatory equipment - e.g. fishing rod, reel, hooks etc. - you will find a selection of equipment which definitely can be an advantage when fishing in Mariager Fjord:

Waders: If you use hip/chest boots “waders” your mobility is unrestricted offering complete freedom to fish in every area in the fjord. But remember, that even though you use “waders” it is not necessary to to venture too far out in the water. The fish remain close to shore especially in spring and autumn.

Measuring band: To make sure, that you do not catch fish that are too small and thereby protected remember a measuring band. Alternatively you can mark the allowed lengths of fish on your fishing rod.

Fishing knife: A necessary tool in nature – use to clean the fish you catch...

Camera: Remember your camera - take pictures so you may revisit your experience in our scenic surroundings. Fish are also more beautiful to
photograph fresh, when they have just been caught, rather than if they have been in a warm plastic bag for several hours.

Food and drinks: The fresh air, water and hopefully the fish you catch, all these things arouses the appetite, so remember to pack a solid lunch along with plenty of fluids (preferably non-alcoholic). 

Fishing kayak or dinghy: A fishing kayak or dinghy optimizes your possibilities to reach the best fishing spots in the fjord without trouble. If you do not own a kayak or dinghy here is some possibilities for rental. 

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