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Other attractive fishing spots in Mariagerfjord

Photo: Seatrout Mariagerfjord

There are many places in the area, that are perfect for fishing – the coast in Øster Hurup, Villestrup Å and Kastbjerg Å, just to mention a few.

Angling by the East Coast / Kattegat

The piers at the cozy port in Øster Hurup offers excellent fishery for garfish and mackerel. Garfish arrive in the spring months, while mackerel first show up midsummer. It’s also possible to catch little flatfish, trout and mullet from the pier. Øster Hurup though clearly offers the best fishing for garfish and mackerel. The minimum size of mackerel is 20 cm and there is no close season.

Øster Hurup Havn - fiskeri fra molen

Photo:Steen, Det Gode Liv Øster Hurup

Villestrup Å

Villestrup Å has its outlet on the north side of the fjord, and is a genuine chalk stream in a beautiful landscape. A number of fish farms along the river have in recent years been closed and the stream has instead had its corners and grooves re-established. On its 20 km long journey from its’ source to the fjord, the stream is “enriched” by many small inlets and pressurized water sources. The stream is a unique piece of nature in itself and offers an amazing insect and wildlife. You can catch brown trout, rainbow trout and migratory sea trout.

Villestrup Å


Kastbjerg Å

The idyllic Kastbjerg river is situated on the south side of Mariager Fjord with its outlet approx. 3 km west of Hadsund at Å Mølle and winds itself through 20 km of narrow river valley. The stream is home to mainly brown trout and migratory sea trout. Fishing licenses for the stream are not sold, but try asking at the local farmers and plot owners.

Kastbjerg Å


Alternative fishing spots

Besides the many fishing spots in the Mariager Fjord area - is not far from many other exciting places to fish - such as the North Sea, Limfjord, Randers Fjord, the coast of Djurslands or the many lakes and streams in both North- and South Jutland.

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