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Vesterbølle Church

In Vesterbølle, you'll find the local village church, which carries a long and fascinating history amidst scenic surroundings.

Vesterbølle Church is also known as "Vesthimmerland Cathedral".

The church was built between 1100 and 1250. During this time, many churches were built in Himmerland, almost all of them with large blocks, just like Vesterbølle was built in great measure. Here, one can certainly philosophize about things.

Around 1100 stones were counted near Vesterbølle Church. Nowadays, with modern equipment, it would take a stonemason about 20 hours to carve such a stone. How many hours would people of that time have had to spend on it, and the stones also had to be found and sorted, so it was a big task. Surely, some stones also broke during cutting. It was a very big job for the residents of the small parish, who necessarily had to do a large part of the work.

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