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Town Park with Lake Farsø

An idyllic oasis with a long history in the heart of Farsø. Say hello to the swans, ducks, or let loose on the playground.

Experience one of the perhaps most idyllic urban areas in the country!

The Farsø Lake Area is much more than a traditional urban area. Along the winding paths between old trees, you still find many symbols of a long, significant, and cultural history.

The round depression in which the area is situated originated during the Ice Age more than 10,000 years ago. Today, there are still clear traces of this with several steep slopes that are extremely popular ski slopes in the winter months.

Historically, the area and the lake have been used for many practical purposes and for the enjoyment of the city's residents, including watering animals, washing carriages, bathing, fishing, and ice skating. Especially Nobel laureate and hometown hero Johannes V. Jensen had a very special relationship with the lake and later mentioned it in his well-known Himmerland stories.

The area harbors a rich wildlife with swans, ducks, as well as various birds and fish. All of it immediately in and around the lake and on the artificial island. Historically, ducks have been used as prizes in duck games, and drakes have also been supplied to the royal hunting lodge Trend. Speaking of the royal hunting lodge, the Farsø Lake Area has also been the setting for royal visits, as Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Isabella were invited to a welcome party in connection with the handover of the royal hunting lodge.

Today, the lake is divided into a smaller lake, originally created as a bathing lake, and the original and larger lake. The two lakes are separated by a dam with a wooden bridge, where most visitors have to stop their walk to enjoy the beautiful view of the lake. From the bridge, you can also enjoy the sound of flowing water from the beautiful thatched watermill.

Activities for children in the Town Park with Lake Farsø

In the northeast corner of the area, you find a large and highly recommended playground, which often brings a smile to the faces of both small and large play enthusiasts. The playground is located in quiet and cozy surroundings with several picnic table sets where a packed lunch can easily be enjoyed.

From the playground, you cannot miss the remarkable memorial wall, erected in the period after World War II in memory of the two executed resistance fighters from Farsø, Chr. Ulrik Hansen and Per Sonne. On the slope just behind the memorial wall lies the old thatched-roof scout hut, creating together the perfect backdrop for a memorable holiday picture.

A family trip to the Farsø Lake Area is therefore a highly recommended attraction in Farsø, offering hours of cultural and fun experiences for both young and old. And the best part? It doesn't cost a dime!

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