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Testrup Church

North of Aalestrup lies Testrup Church in scenic surroundings. Testrup Church was a hospital church until 1748 and has a long and fascinating history.

The church and its surroundings are an exciting and historically interesting place. Until 1748, there was a hospital church here. Today, only the choir and a single section of the nave remain. It serves as the parish church for the Testrup parish.

The ruins of the hospital can be seen next to the church, where there are also plaques with further information. South of the church lies Testrupgaard, and east of it are the ruins of a stone house called Testrup Kloster - the remains of a large three-story building.

The building served as the administrative center of the hospital and as the residence for the bishop when he was on site. Several kings have also stayed in Testrup and lived in Testrup Kloster. Legend has it that there is a secret underground passage from the monastery to the hospital by the church. In 1432, the Bishop of Viborg donated his main estate, Testrupgaard, to the Testrup Hospital Church, thereby securing the income and maintenance of the large church.

The farm, the church, and the hospital were in the Middle Ages the scene of a bustling life of priests, monks, and people who made pilgrimages to the church and to the Holy Spring of Saint Søren, located about 800 meters northeast of the church.

The Holy Spring of Saint Søren, like other holy springs, is one of our oldest cultural heritage sites. Many legends and colorful stories are associated with their origin and reputation as healing springs. It is reported that the Holy Spring of Saint Søren had life-giving and healing properties against various kinds of illnesses. Moreover, it was a significant source of income for the Testrup Church and Hospital. Today, the spring doesn't flow as strongly, but if you suffer from some illness, perhaps you should try the healing effect of the spring. You never know.

From the church, a trail has been laid out through the landscape to the spring and back through the forest of Testrupgaard. Just take a brochure from the box in the church's parking lot, follow the route, and read about what you can see on the way.

Furthermore, reference is made to the church's website: www.testrupkirke.dk.


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