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The springs of Rold Forest

The springs of Rold Forest are some of the most water abundant springs in Northern Europe. The many springs in the area are the result of limestone in the underground, which makes it possible for the groundwater to seep up. 

There is a rich, and even very unique, wildlife in and around the springs. This is due to the fact that the waterflow in the springs is pretty constant and that the water has a temperature around 7,5 degrees throughout the year. The springs are protected and it is not allowed to collect animals or plants from the springs.  

The most famous springs are Store Blåkilde, Lille Blåkilde, Ravnkilden and Gravlev Spring. However, there are more springs in Rebild and Rold Forest


The different springs vary considerably in their appearance. In the Rold Forest area you will find three different kinds of spring:

Fracture Spring: The water seeps out through a crack in the limestone, in one or more places. The waterflow of the spring is often fast, and the bottom is often rocky. An example of a fracture spring is Lille Blåkilde. 

Depression Spring / Basin Spring: The water seeps out from the side or bottom of an oval shaped, water filled depression. Inside the basin the flow is not very strong, and the bottom often consists of sand and sediment. The drainage is often quite wide and here the water flow is moderate. Store Blåkilde is an example of a Depression spring in the area.    

Karst Spring / Swamp Spring: Here the water seeps out through the surface of the earth over a larger area. Thus, a large swamp area is created, covered in moss and plants. Ravnkilden is an example of a Karst Spring.

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