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Skarp Salling Church

The Skarp Salling Church, an enchanting gem of history and architecture, is worth a visit in Løgstør.

It's not without reason that the church in Skarp Salling is referred to as cathedral-like. It's quite monumental with its basilica-shaped structure, and the skilled stonemason has created several very interesting features in the church.

For example, on the round pillar at the western end of the church, two pelicans can be seen picking themselves to blood to feed their young, a symbol of sacrificial love. The altar is made of fired clay with glaze and depicts Jesus crucified and as the Lamb of God.

The original church dates back to around 1150 but underwent significant restoration in the late 19th century by H.B. Storck. The church is generally open during daytime in the summer months, and in winter, only from Tuesday to Friday.

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