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The salt shop at Mariager Saltcenter

When you are visiting Mariager Saltcenter, you must also visit the salt shop. Here, you will find a big range of different kinds of salt.

When you are visiting Mariager Saltcenter, you will experience a world of salt – which few people know of.

Here, you can explore the salts' magic and exciting history.

You can even buy salt to take with you home from the salt shop, which you will find close to the reception at the entrance. Here, you can also buy the famous Mariager salt – and it can be hard to choose which kind you want, as you can get anything from chicken salt to pasta salt and lemon salt.


Explore a world of salt

When visiting Mariager Saltcenter, you will explore an attraction with interesting facts and fun activities.

Here, you can experience how the salt is being made, or take the simulator lift down into the dark salt mine.

You can also have a swim in the warm salt bath called “The Dead Sea”. After a nice swim, you can have a nice meal at Café Salt.


If you want to know more of the salt shop at Mariager Saltcenter, you can visit their website here.

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