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Øster Hurup Summer Concert

Join us for this year's Summer Concert in Øster Hurup on Saturday, July 20th, at 2:00 PM. The celebration takes place right in the heart of Øster Hurup, featuring a delightful atmosphere and wonderful music.

The Øster Hurup Summer Concert is a huge celebration where the atmosphere is fantastic, featuring beautiful music and genuine summer vibes - especially when the sun is shining.

On the program is well-known Danish music that everyone sings along to, and together, they celebrate and enjoy themselves.

If you want to join this year's party in Øster Hurup, find out more and buy tickets here.

Every year, the concert takes place on the sports field near the hall in the center of Øster Hurup - always on Saturday in week 29.

See you at a fantastic party!

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