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Nature path by Fyrkat Engsø in Hobro

Fyrkat Engsø and Onsild Ådal are a fantastic natural area near the town of Hobro. Here, you can find abundant wildlife, lakes, rivers, flora, and a multitude of different bird species.

The newly established Heart Path takes you through nature, along both footpaths and gravel roads.

From the parking lot at the Viking fortress Fyrkat (Fyrkatvej 45), you walk along the gravel road (Thostrup Hovgårdsvej) all the way to the railway viaduct on the opposite side of Engsøen. Below the viaduct, you continue on the gravel road (still Thostrup Hovgårdsvej), which leads to Aalykkevej, where you turn right towards the town.

After about 50 meters, you turn right again onto the gravel road through a small wooded area. By following the arrows, you will reach an allotment garden area. This is passed, and the trail markers now point down to the path that leads to the Onsild Å route. From here, follow the path along the river back to the Viking fortress Fyrkat.

The erected arrows also show how to go the opposite way around Fyrkat Engsø.


Fyrkat Engsø

Fyrkat Engsø is a nature area near the town of Hobro and the Viking fortress Fyrkat in the Onsild Ådal.

It was restored in 2009 as part of a project to cleanse the water of the Onsild Å from nutrients by letting a part of the water flow through the lake. At the same time, the lake project aimed to enrich the biodiversity and nature in the river valley.


Walk in the footsteps of the Vikings

This is also where you'll find another lovely nature trail - the Fyrkatstien - which connects the Viking Museum Fyrkat with the town of Hobro.

In the Viking Age, Mariager Fjord extended all the way to Fyrkat. Therefore, the Fyrkatstien follows the ancient Viking waterway to the fortress.

On the Fyrkatstien, you'll experience it all. Signposts are even set up so you can follow the route that also leads you to the Chieftain's Farm at the Viking Museum Fyrkat.

Learn more about the Fyrkatstien here!

Hærvejen and Mariagerfjord Route

For a round trip, you can combine the hiking trails with a lovely bike ride in the area. The Fyrkatstien is connected to both Hærvejen and the Mariagerfjord Route 32. Both routes pass by Fyrkat.

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