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Katbjerg Odde Fishingspot

The fishing spot at Katbjerg Odde has it all - birdlife, beautiful nature, and a large population of trout. Perfect for a day of angling.

A large area that has been completely protected since 1986. It is privately owned, except for the recreational area at Katbjerg Odde, which extends far into the narrow fjord and is accessible to anglers. Here, you'll find a fantastic birdlife and an impressive variety of orchids. The trout population is also abundant, thanks to varying currents, fresh water seeping from the bottom, varying depths, some eelgrass, and many mussel banks. Note that there's a new conservation belt in effect from September 16th to March 15th.

Note: Parking facilities are very limited, so you should choose another spot if there are already several guests at the point. Signage and the nature conservation law must, of course, always be observed.


The accessibility of the fishing spot: **

*** Easy to access

**   Manageable to access

*     Difficult to access

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