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Jewelry designer Helga Winther

Jewelry designer Helga Winther, together with her colleagues, is ready to welcome you in the jewelry store at the Market Square in Mariager.

Here you can experience a different kind of jewelry store, where there is something for every taste and in every price range.

They offer jewelry in silver, gold, with or without gemstones. They carry several well-known brands, as well as beautifully used pieces, which consist of purchased pre-owned jewelry, and completely old vintage pieces that are polished up and sold anew.


Handmade Jewelry

The owner and staff in the jewelry store specialize in handmade jewelry, all of which are crafted in high quality, in their own workshop, by a skilled goldsmith. The jewelry is made in collaboration with the customer, so their jewelry dream can be fulfilled. The pieces can be made in various materials such as gold or silver with diamonds, stones, or pearls. Especially the personally handmade pieces, made from the customer's own old gold, are popular. This way, the gold from, for example, one's parents' wedding rings can live on in a piece of jewelry that suits the individual customer.

A handmade piece of jewelry is a memory for life - this can be seen, for example, in the great interest in handmade wedding rings.


Vintage Jewelry

In addition to several well-known jewelry brands, the store also sells used jewelry. It's called "Beautifully Used," because the purchased pieces are both second-hand and have been in (and on) other hands. At times, the store's showroom even features a large selection of special vintage jewelry pieces.

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