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Fishing Spot at Langsodden / Kielstrup Odde

Enjoy the surroundings of Mariagerfjord, with the possibility of hooking a sea trout.

The Kielstrup Lake forms the centerpiece of a very fascinating and varied area. The lock below the dam at the bottom of the bay is the lake's outlet, making it subject to year-round protection - see more here. To the west of the bay lies Langsodden/Kielstrup Odde, pointing towards Mariager and extending all the way to the deep waters in the middle of the fjord. Current and sheltered areas constitute natural routes for sea trout, making it rewarding to fish on both sides of the headland. To the east, you'll find the scenic spot Høllet, where there is a unique and cozy atmosphere among the boating community.

The accessibility of the fishing spot: ***

*** Easy to access

**   Manageable to access

*     Difficult to access


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