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Aars Lystanlæg

Aars Lystanlæg has a long and interesting history - initially as a venue for festivities and dance, and later evolving into the town's green park.

Aars Lystanlæg was established in 1898 and is a peaceful park with lakes, a playground and great spots for an outing with friends and family. 

For many years, the facilities has been used for several events. In 1907 and 1929 the County Exhibition (Amtsudstillingen) and the Business Exhibition (Erhvervsudstillingen) took place and marked Aars as being a city that is both modern as well as visionary. 

Furthermore the annual Constitution Festivals (Grundlovsfester) with the first one taking place in 1901, where held here, as well as the big Cimbre Festival from the 1940's and every year following that.

In 2015 the facilities where reconstructed to what it is today.

Source: Vesthimmerlands Museum

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