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Aars Library

Visit Aars Library, offering a diverse collection of books, music, and films along with entertainment for children.

At Vesthimmerland Libraries, Aars, you can borrow books, films, games, and music, read daily newspapers, use PCs with internet access, play Playstation and Wii, connect to the wireless network with your own laptop, and print and copy in black and white and color.

As a visitor to Vesthimmerland, you have access to the library with your yellow health card and can use PCs/internet, read newspapers, and magazines for free. If you want to borrow materials, you must come to the library during staffed hours and have your card registered.

Opening hours

Self-service: daily from 7am to 10pm

Staffed hours: Monday to Thursday from 10am to 6pm, Friday from 10am to 5pm, and Saturday from 10am to 1pm.

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