Feriepartner Kattegat
Feriepartner Kattegat - Øster Hurup strand

Feriepartner Kattegat

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Looking for a summer house in Himmerland? Don’t look any further!

Himmerland actually contains a lot of lovely summer house areas, but no doubt that the best and biggest areas are located at the east coast of Himmerland - to be more precise from Mariager Fjord and along the coast up to the Limfjord.

Especially Øster Hurup stands out as it is a genuine danish holiday village which offers activities, events, music, markets and fun all summer. But the area is also popular outside of the season, because of its location. Øster Hurup is located in a area of natural beauty at the coast, and close to both the Limfjord, Mariager Fjord, Rold Skov and Bramslev Bakker. The area is therefore a good place to visit all year around, especially for those who want to explore nature, enjoy the quietness and re-establish the balance between work life and spare time.

At the same time the area is a good place for children - so you don’t have to worry about them! Cause at the east coast of Himmerland near Kattegat, you will find Denmarks’ most children friendly beach.

See you at Kattegat!

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Experiences at the east coast of Himmerland

The area offers a lot of lovely experiences, especially Øster Hurup, Lille Vildmose and the rest of Himmerland.

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