GoVisit - en app fyldt med oplevelser nær dig

GoVisit - find experiences on your phone

Photo: Destination Himmerland

GoVisit is gathering all the exciting and new experiences that you must try in the danish nature and cities. Himmerland has a lot to offer - and with this app, you will get all the information about experiences close to you.

Find experiences where you are

Are you going on a holiday in Himmerland, then we will recommend you install this app. The app will guide you to find experiences close to where you are. In that way, you will always have the newest information about events, activities, and exciting experiences close to you.

With this app, you will have the possibility to save information about the places you want to visit, you can check-in at different locations, follow the schedule for today, make searches based on your interests, and find new adventures for you to explore.

Your adventure starts today - download the app for free now.

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