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Music at the harbor in Øster Hurup - May 10th and 11th

2 days of music, celebration, and high spirits in Øster Hurup. The music program features local amateur bands who are passionate about music.

Come and join two days of celebration, music, and joyful moments in Øster Hurup. On May 10th and 11th, there will be music at the harbor.

The music played covers various genres, so there's something for everyone. All performers are local amateurs, and the event doesn't cost a penny.

Bringing food and drinks to the venue is not allowed, but if you crave a cold draft beer and a grilled sausage, you can visit one of the beer and sausage stalls. If your appetite calls for more, the restaurants at the harbor are also ready to serve a delightful meal.

Don't miss out on festive days in Øster Hurup! Here, you're guaranteed good music, happy people, and cozy camaraderie at the harbor.

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